Paul and Rachelle

Welcome to the Elemental Workshop!

My name is Paul O. Bean, and I live in Deer Lodge, Montana in the United States. My wife, Rachelle, and I moved to Deer Lodge in 2010, and I began Elemental Workshop in October 2015.

Elemental Workshop's goal is simple: Aid people in increasing their online presence.

I offer information, products, training courses, website maintenance, and consultation services to people who truly want to build an online business, expand their traditional business through the use of digital media, or present what they have to offer to the larger world through the use of the internet.

Now just who does this benefit?

-The stay at home parent.

Small children require attention, and the younger they are the more time is required to see to their needs. Online businesses can be run from any setting, even your own home, at any time. A stay at home parent can still earn an income in a few hours daily, while at the same time being flexible enough to be attentive to their children's schedules.

-The small business owner.

While I was in high school, I worked for an outstanding inventor that manufactured stoves and backpacking equipment. His business shipped product all over the United States and he attended trade shows to display his goods. This meant that he traveled a lot in the summer time. Now he has developed a website that showcases all of the products he offers, to anyone with computer access. From having people looking at his products personally, which limits the amount of potential customers, to offering a virtual storefront through the use of a website the amount of customers increased exponentially.

-The military veteran.

This person is used to dealing with systems and constantly faces stressful situations. The challenges offered by business may entice them to strike out on their own as entrepreneurs. Online businesses have lower startup costs, and many affiliate programs have pre-made systems that offer proven return strategies that limit the risks of operating a business. Former military members also are used to working with other people. In other words, they are used to networking, a key component to success in any business venture.

-The lifestyle entrepreneur.

There are times when people just get fed up with working the 9 to 5, 40 hour week job. They want to work when they want, the amount they want, where they want. They pick a niche that holds a particular place in their respective hearts and pursue it. This person could be a product reviewer, a web developer, an artist or craftsman, a professional seminar instructor, or perhaps a category that hasn't been discovered or named yet.

Personally, I am in business because I like to work a flexible schedule. I work nights and weekends at times, when a project requires it, not because I was told to.

Of course, there are some days I work like this....


Yes, it is silly to read Emails, answer customer calls, or monitor webpages that you are updating or building with a cat on your lap, on a cold winter Sunday morning. Yet, I made a choice to aid a customer that called and needed my help on Skype.

I believe that other people will desire to offer their goods or services, in a truly global marketplace. I have access to the tools, education products, and seminars to anyone with the desire to forge their own path in life. Enrich yourself!

Paul O. Bean
Elemental Workshop

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